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The MoldCheck Multi-Test (5) Mold Test Kit

The MoldCheck Multi-Test (5) Mold Test Kit Quantity in Basket: None
Code: M5
Price: $39.95
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The MoldCheck Multi-Test (5) mold test kit is one of our patented home mold detection kits.

This mold test kit comes with 5 tests. Having multiple mold tests will allow you to screen test and/ or retest the air and any surface in multiple rooms. You can then conduct a simple visual comparison of the films from each of these areas, noting that the film with the most growth is the likely source of the mold contamination in your home. There is no easier or more efficient way to find the source of mold growth in a building.

These mold testing kits allow you to test the air, surfaces, AC vents, fabrics and outdoor controls, and provide an optional confirmation lab test.

If you want to identify the mold you find growing on a surface, purchase the Tox-Check Lab Kit below.

Simple to use. Open the mold sensitive films in each room and sample the air or surface, add a drop of liquid, close, and see the mold spore colonies and colors develop. This simple comparison will direct you to the moldiest room, where you can begin the mold clean-up process.

There are always some tracked in mold spores in the air and dust in every building. While other at-home test kits will only come with one single air test, these one-shot mold tests will tell you nothing if you trying to find where the mold actually is. You need multiple mold tests to compare and find the room with the moldiest dust and air, and the probable mold contamination.This is a do-it-yourself mold investigation kit.

The kit contains a Mold Investigation Guide and a Mold Clean Up Guide.

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